I am a hypocrite. I say that because every time I say that I’m not going to do something, I end up doing it. It started in university when I was working towards a degree in Biology. I took an introductory ecology course as an elective and told myself that no person in their right mind would want to become an ecologist. Ecology? Pfft, I planned to go into medicine, as it is respectable and profitable. But little did I know that every time that I told myself I wouldn’t study birds, insects or algae, I would end up studying birds, then insects, and then algae.

I did it again when I decided to travel the world. I aim to see the world and discover the many beautiful and diverse ecosystems and the fauna and flora within it. Coming from Canada, I want to challenge my “westernized” perspective and see how conservation strategies differ from the classical North American protocols. Beyond that I seek companies that work to develop communities sustainably. I have two ultimate goals as a Biologist. The first is to see Gibbons (Hylobatidae) because they are the COOLEST animals on the planet! The second is to change the world in a positive way through conservation and environmental education. I believe that in order to change the world, it’s important to expose yourself to more ways of living and doing than those you already know. So, kick back and be a little hypocritical with me.


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